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  For years Larry has been my trusted source for homeowners and buyers needing help with real estate transactions in South Lake Tahoe. I’ve been a North Lake Tahoe real estate broker since 1999 and my reputation depends on referring clients to excellent people. Larry has a great mix of experience, diligence and a sincere personality. From lakefront estates to a quaint home, Larry is my one and only recommendation for South Lake Tahoe. Tristan Roberts North Lake Tahoe real estate broker https://www.cblaketahoe.com...Continue Reading!

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[rover_idx_full_page region="NNRMLS" search_panel_layout="nnrmls" min_price="125000" sort_by="SortPriceASC"] South Lake Tahoe Real Estate for sale in the South Lake Tahoe, Nevada area. This list is updated hourly for all homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe, including South Lake Tahoe foreclosures and short sale homes for sale in South Lake Tahoe. You will find a great selection of Tahoe cabins for sale, Lake Tahoe lakefront properties and all the home for sale in your desired neighborhood. Your South Lake Tahoe MLS search was never easier! You...Continue Reading!

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Larry Sabo

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate covers the southern region of one of the world’s most beautiful lakes in two states, California and Nevada.   Owning a home in Lake Tahoe would please almost everyone, and to find your special Tahoe home for sale we’ve created an easy to use MLS search function.  Our up to the minute listings will show you all South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods in which to chose from with a wide variety of price ranges and style choices. Lakefront...Continue Reading!

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Larry Sabo

After living in 10 different states and ultimately choosing the Lake Tahoe area to settle down, I have to say it’s been the best move I’ve ever made.. My wife Judi and I were married here and decided this would be a great place to raise our two kids. We all enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, cycling and basically outdoor life! Real Estate Credentials: Licensed Realtor® – California & Nevada California licensed since 1993 Nevada licensed since 1995 C.A.R. Certified – Working With Foreclosures 2008 MLS...Continue Reading!

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